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Wine tasting in Sorrento


A wine tasting tour in Sorrento takes you to a picturesque setting where you can drink vintage wines. 

You will be able to master wine tasting while also learning about the history of the neighborhood. 

Parents may enjoy wine tasting and vistas without watching their children while they sip grape juice and have fun exploring the open spaces.

Sorrento is the best place to share your passion for wine.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your wine tasting tours in Sorrento.

Wine Tasting in Villarena Old Cellar

Wine Tasting in Villarena Old Cellar from Sorrento

With this three-hour wine tasting trip in the historic Casale Villarena Old Cellar, immerse yourself in the winemaking traditions of the Campania area.

Learn how to pair Italian wine with cheese by sampling local wines and cheeses. 

Visit the 16th-century Old Cellar, which is surrounded by vines. 

Get a taste of some local wines and cheeses, as well as tips on how to combine the two. 

Finish the evening with a glass of handmade limoncello on the terrace.

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Vesuvius & Vineyard Tour from Sorrento

Vesuvius & Vineyard Tour from Sorrento

The craggy crater of Vesuvius is paired with Lacrima Christi, a mythological wine cultivated on the same slopes of the fire mountain.

The high-quality items produced by this volcanic soil are due to its mineral-rich volcanic soil.

Go up the mountain, take the bus to 1 km (1000 meters), and hike the rest of the way to the crater.

To round out your journey, visit one of the nearby wineries for a tour of the winery, a light lunch, and, of course, a glass of the winery’s wine.

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Private Irpinia Wine Tour with sommelier

Private Irpinia Wine Tour with sommelier from Sorrento

A day-long wine trip from Sorrento takes you to the Irpinia area of Italy. 

The trip includes two prominent wine farms in Campania’s mountainous Apennine Mountains, with a private sommelier guide. 

Enjoy a total of three varieties at each winery, including the estates’ unique product, wine made with local Fiano and Aglianico grapes. 

It’s a fantastic way to sample and learn about Campania’s underappreciated wines while also taking in the breathtaking countryside. 

Learn about each Wine’s distinct characteristics and recommended food matches.

During winery tours, hike through the vineyards and see how the wines are made.

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Amalfi Coast Wine Tasting Tour plus Lunch

Amalfi Coast Wine Tasting Tour plus Lunch in Sorrento

All wine lovers who want to thoroughly appreciate a delightful voyage of Italian wines, including those from local and lesser-known vineyards in the Campania region, should take this tour. 

Enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the Amalfi Coast.

During this tour, re-discover classic cuisine’s genuine and authentic flavors, the alluring aroma of delectable meals.

With your pals, enjoy a delicious glass of Wine.

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Wine Tasting on the Slopes of Vesuvius

Wine Tasting on the Slopes of Vesuvius in Sorrento

In the Neapolitan countryside, pay a visit to one of the best vineyards and wineries. 

Learn about grapes while strolling around the vineyards.

Enjoy your time in the stunning views of the gulf before sitting down to a four-course lunch paired with matching wines.

Find out the best things to do in Sorrento.

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