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Food tours in Greenwich Village, New York


Greenwich Village, a neighborhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan in New York City, was the epicenter of the city’s 1960s counterculture movement.

Today the tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village are scattered with famous cafes, restaurants, and bars which offer fantastic food options. 

Greenwich Village food tours go beyond essential culinary experiences to immerse you in the neighborhood’s culture.

During the highly-rated tour, you enjoy delicious food and drinks from Greenwich Village’s best restaurants and streets with a fun and informative guide leading the way.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your food tour in Greenwich Village, New York.

High Line Park and Greenwich Village Food Tour

Local delicacy of Greenwich Village

This High Line Park and Greenwich Village tour combines two of Manhattan’s most unusual sites while delighting your taste buds. 

Stroll around the lush length of New York’s public park, built on a disused elevated railway line. 

Follow your senses on a sampling tour around trendy Greenwich Village after you’ve worked up an appetite. 

While sampling pizza, chocolate, and Italian specialties, learn about the area. 

Take a walk along the High Line and uncover some hidden truths that only a few residents know. 

In Greenwich Village, there are enough specialties to make a good meal. 

Learn about underground jazz clubs and bookstores that are open to the public.

For an imitate experience, a small group of eight individuals or less is required.

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Greenwich Village Food Tour

Food on display during Greenwich Village food tour

Learn about Greenwich Village, one of Manhattan’s most historic neighborhoods, and the most incredible places to eat during your vacation to the city. 

This Greenwich Village food tour involves multiple stops to sample local cuisine, between touring the cobblestone alleys and listening to your guide’s historical comments.

Furthermore, it is limited to a small group of eight people to assure customized attention from your guide. 

During this two-hour tour, get a taste of some of Greenwich Village’s tastiest cuisine.

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High Line, Greenwich Village Food, and Historical Downtown Tour

Food and Historical Downtown Tour in Greenwich Village

On this small-group trip, wander through three unique Manhattan areas with a guide to make more discoveries and hear more stories than if you were exploring alone. 

After visiting the High Line, continue to Greenwich Village, which is famed for its brownstones and fashionable food scene. 

Before traveling Downtown to visit Lower Manhattan’s historical treasures, stop by for some cuisine tastings. 

Feel the pulse of each location and make discoveries you might not have made otherwise. 

Enjoy food sampling in the Village, a visit to High Line Park, and a tour of the attractions Downtown. 

Hear stories and facts from a guide that many guests will never hear.

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Greenwich Village Private Food Walking Tour

Private Food Walking Tour in Greenwich Village

During this private culinary tour of the area’s several foodie hotspots, Sample the myriad flavors of New York’s Greenwich Village, both past and present. 

Ethnic foods, specialized cheese stores, cozy local restaurants, fashionable hotspots, and award-winning pizzerias are just a few of the cuisines on offer. 

All of the cuisines are sold separately, allowing you to pick and choose your favorites. 

A walking tour of Greenwich Village will allow you to see the neighborhood as a resident would.

Get intimate knowledge on where to dine and where not to eat in Greenwich. 

On this private tour, get  full attention from your guide.

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NYC Cupcake Tour With Stop in Greenwich Village

NYC Cupcake Tour With Stop in Greenwich Village

On this cupcake walking tour of New York City’s West Village, indulge in the sweet hunger.

On your way to the neighborhood’s most famous bakeries, you’ll learn about the neighborhood’s history and significant attractions.

This tour includes all cuisine tastes as well as a unique opportunity to create your personalized cupcake. 

After this one-and-a-half-hour tour, enjoy your cupcakes.

Find out the best things to do in Greenwich Village, New York.

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