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Cooking classes in Venice


In Venice, cooking classes are all about making merriment in the kitchen.

Whether you’re simply learning to cook for yourself or a young adult hoping to be a chef, cooking lessons in Venice will be a nice memory to carry back from your vacation in Italy. 

These cooking sessions in the Venetian kitchens come in many flavours, which can get confusing for tourists. 

This article shares everything you must know before booking your cooking classes in Venice.

Traditional Home Cooking Experience

Traditional Home Cooking Experience in Venice

A cooking class in a Venetian home in Venice’s busy Polo Quarter will teach you the insider secrets of Italian cuisine. 

Choose between a lunch or dinner class and gain hands-on experience preparing traditional Italian dishes with the help of a knowledgeable chef.

Enter the private home of a passionate Venetian chef in the Cannaregio district and create a meal of specialties from Venice.

Your skilled chef will provide you with plenty of hands-on experience as well as helpful hints. 

At the end of the three-and-a-half-hour lesson, eat the meal you’ve prepared.

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Cooking Class in Venice with Professional Chef

Cooking Class with Professional Chef in Venice

It can be tough to connect with local culture as a visitor to a new city. 

This tour provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accomplish just that by receiving a cooking lesson from a professional chef in the comfort of her Venetian home. 

A small-group tour (maximum of six people) guarantees a more personalized experience. 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend time with a native in their own house. 

After the three-hour lesson, have dinner together.

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Home Dinner in Venice with a Chef

Home Dinner with a Chef in Venice

In your chef host’s palace, enjoy a multi-course Venetian feast. 

Learn about the recipes and dine in the magnificent surroundings of your chef’s private house while sampling regional delights complemented by Italian wine. 

In a private home in Venice, a two-hour supper is served. Learn about regional cuisine by conversing with the chef. 

Learn about the city’s specialty and local ingredients and enjoy a multi-course dinner with wine pairings.

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Small group Pasta and Tiramisu class

Pasta and Tiramisu class in Venice

Pasta is Italy’s most famous meal, and in this culinary class, you’ll learn how to make two different types of pasta like a true Italian “Cesarina” (home cook).

With the guidance of your “Cesarina” teacher, roll out a piece of pasta dough by hand to produce both a fresh and filled variation from scratch, and then whip up a tiramis├╣. 

After your hands-on lesson, unwind by tasting the dishes you’ve made together. 

Experiment with rolling and cutting a “sfoglia” (sheet of fresh pasta). Prepare two types of spaghetti as well as a traditional tiramisu. 

During this three-hour class, your “Cesarina” teacher will teach you about the culinary traditions of Italy. 

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Pasta-Making Class with lunch or dinner

Pasta-Making Class with lunch or dinner in Venice

During a private cooking class in Venice, conducted by a “cesarina,” or home cook, learn the key to producing superb pasta. 

Follow three regional dishes and learn some cooking tips. 

During the 3-hour class, each participant has a workstation with utensils and supplies. 

You’ll make traditional Italian pasta and then sample each one while sipping a glass of local wine. 

This lesson will teach you how to prepare three authentic Italian pasta dishes from scratch.

To go with your dinner, try a variety of local red and white wines, take a souvenir apron and shopping bag home with you.

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Fish shopping in Rialto and home cooking in Murano

Fish shopping from Rialto in Venice

Instead of sitting in a restaurant, become a true Venetian! Let’s pick the best fresh fish at the Rialto market, take a gondola ride across the Canal Grande, and hurry back home.

At my apartment, you may be your chef in a state-of-the-art kitchen with a view of the canal. 

Become a Venetian! Fresh, seasonal, and local fish tastes better, especially if you buy it yourself and cook it at home with the help of a local!

This three-hour cooking session will allow you to prepare and eat food that you have prepared yourself.

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Tiramisu Online Cooking Class Live from Venice

Tiramisu Online Cooking Class Live from Venice

There’s no better time than now to learn how to prepare gourmet sweets if you’ve always wanted to. 

Take this with Locals tiramisu virtual cooking class, broadcast live from Venice, and participate in an interactive choice that’s far more entertaining than reading a handbook. 

From the comfort of your kitchen, a couple from Venice will show you how to create this famous coffee-flavored Italian treat. 

This virtual cooking lesson will teach you how to make traditional tiramisu at home. 

Following your reservation, you’ll be sent a private, personalized link to utilize for your class. 

A significant advantage of a live session is the ability to pause the class at any time to ask questions. 

All members of your family can enjoy this one-hour virtual adventure.

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