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Cooking classes in Chicago – tickets, prices


Cooking classes in Chicago are a delicious journey into the world of culinary arts in Windy City.

Cooking classes in Chicago are a unique opportunity to engage with professional chefs, learn new techniques, and savor worldwide flavors.

These classes not only offer hands-on experience and the chance to create tasty dishes, they also provide a social and interactive setting.

Chicago’s cooking classes are hosted by various culinary institutions, renowned chefs, and cooking schools, making it a hub for culinary education.

This article share everything you should know before booking your Chicago cooking class tickets.

Deep-Dish Pizza Making in Chicago with Local ExpertUS$135
Private Indian-Mexican Fusion Cooking Class in ChicagoUS$84
Mexican Mole Sauce Workshop & Dinner for small groupsUS$186

What to expect from the cooking classes

Cooking classes in Chicago are led by professional chefs or experienced instructors sharing their knowledge and skills.

These classes are interactive, and participants get to prepare and cook dishes themselves. You’ll have the opportunity to work with various ingredients, use professional kitchen equipment, and learn cooking techniques that you can apply.

Chicago offers a wide range of cooking class themes, from deep-dish pizza making to gourmet pastry baking and from ethnic cuisine explorations to wine and food pairing sessions.

Cooking classes in Chicago also provide cultural insights into the history and traditions of the cuisine you’re preparing.

You’ll get to taste your prepared dishes. This is rewarding as you savor the fruits of your labor and share your creations with fellow participants.

Cooking class tours are social events, and you’ll have the chance to meet and interact with other food enthusiasts. It’s a great way to make new friends and share your love for food.

Deep-Dish Pizza Making in Chicago with Local Expert

Tourists enjoying Deep-Dish Pizza Making Tour in Chicago
Image: viator.com

Discover the culinary delights of Chicago on a food tour with a local guide.

Visit iconic landmarks and stroll along the Riverwalk while learning about the city’s unique culinary scene, influenced by immigrants from different countries who brought their recipes.

As you explore, you’ll taste some of the city’s favorite street food, like Chicago-style hot dogs or Italian beef.

You’ll also visit some of the best shops and cafes that have stood the test of time and been around for generations.

This tour is perfect for food enthusiasts who want to experience Chicago’s cuisine up close and personal.

Experience the culinary and cultural scene of the City by the Lake and savor the moments of delight.

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 1 pm and will last around 2 hours.

Ticket Price: US$135

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Private Indian-Mexican Fusion Cooking Class in Chicago

Fusion Dish in Private Indian-Mexican Fusion Cooking Class in Chicago
Image: viator.com

Experience a unique and authentic outing by attending a private cooking class in the comfort of your host’s home.

Learn how to prepare a multi-course menu of Indian-Mexican fusion dishes and choose between lunch or dinner options.

Head to your host’s residence in Chicago, roll up your sleeves, and prepare to cook.

You’ll learn to prepare creative dishes such as tandoori paneer quesadillas with one-on-one instruction and guidance.

You can enjoy the delicious food you’ve prepared with your host at the end of the class.

The experience also includes alcoholic beverages to complement your multi-course feast.

Sample Menu:

Starter: Mango lassi, tandoori paneer quesadillas, Indian-spiced corn eloté and mango panna cotta

Main: Biriyani with raita, tandoori chicken, aloo gobhi and mango kulfi

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 6 pm and will last around 3 hours.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (12+ years): US$84
Child Ticket (5 to 11 years): US$45

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Mexican Mole Sauce Workshop & Dinner for small groups

Chef Preparing Mexican Mole Sauce in Mole Workshop in Chicago
Image: viator.com

Join a beginner-friendly cooking class hosted by a local chef and learn the secrets of making one of Mexico’s most celebrated dishes.

Upon arrival at the chef’s residence, you will be welcomed with a refreshing hibiscus agua fresca and introduced to your Michelin-trained guide.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to make an authentic mole sauce as your guide breaks down every step and shares useful tips.

After cooking, sit down with your small group and savor the traditional and tasty meal you prepared.

All experience levels are welcome to participate in this hands-on cooking class that will teach you how to make authentic Mexican mole.

Sample Menu:

Main: Mole served with chicken beans and green rice

Main: Delicius and fresh hibiscus infusion with cinnamon and ginger

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 1 pm and will last around 2 hours.

Ticket Price: US$186

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Tips for making most of your cooking class

To make the most of your cooking class tour in Chicago, here are some helpful tips:

Arrive with an appetite. You’ll not only be tasting your creations, but you’ll also enjoy some pre-class snacks or appetizers.

Dress appropriately by wearing comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes, as you’ll be in a kitchen environment.

Listen carefully to the chef or instructor’s guidance and ask questions when you need clarification.

Embrace new flavors and techniques of Chicago’s cuisine. Be open to trying new dishes and ingredients.

Take photos of your culinary creations and the cooking process. It’s a great way to document and share your experience with friends and family.

If your class includes wine pairings, savor the opportunity to taste local wines and learn about their origins. It can enhance your overall dining experience.

Chicago cooking class FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about cooking classes in Chicago:

What to expect from a cooking class in Chicago?

Cooking classes in Chicago offer hands-on experiences where you can learn to prepare specific dishes, cuisines, or cooking techniques under the guidance of professional chefs.

Do I need prior cooking experience to join a class?

Cooking classes in Chicago cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced cooks. Be sure to choose a class that matches your proficiency.

What types of cuisines are taught in Chicago cooking classes?

Chicago’s culinary scene is diverse, so classes cover a wide range of cuisines, from Italian and French to Asian and Latin American. Some classes also focus on specific dishes or techniques, like pasta making or grilling.

Can cooking classes in Chicago accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

Cooking classes in Chicago accommodate dietary restrictions if you inform them beforehand. Always check with the operator to ensure they can meet your specific needs.

Can I book a private cooking class for a special occasion or group event?

Cooking schools offer private classes for special occasions, team-building events, and group celebrations. You can inquire about customized classes for your group.

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