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Food tours in Lisbon


Lisbon food tours go beyond the essential culinary experience to immerse you in the city’s culture.

During these highly-rated tours, you enjoy delicious food and drinks from Lisbon’s best restaurants and streets with a fun and informative guide leading the way.

Food is a language in its own right, and you don’t have to be a foodie to understand it.

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is famous for its historical places, Fado music, and number 28 yellow tram.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your food tours in Lisbon.

Small-Group Portuguese Food and Wine Tour

During this three-hour food and wine tour in Lisbon, you get to sample gourmet dishes from Portugal.

Enjoy a Lisbon wine tasting from the Alentejo region, as well as cheese, pastries, and Port, and understand why this region produces some of the world’s best wine. 

In addition, your tour guide will provide you with recommendations for the top restaurants in the city.

Visit some of Lisbon’s most outstanding restaurants and food suppliers. 

Your local guide will teach you about the culinary and wine traditions of Portugal. 

A maximum of 15 persons in a small group ensures a more customized experience.

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Treasures of Lisboa Food Tours

Treasures of Food Tours in Lisbon

Take a walk through Lisbon’s winding streets to sample some of the best Portuguese cuisine and drinks in natural settings.

Take a bite out of the best of Lisbon! Wine, charcuterie, traditional pastries, and a plethora of other gourmet delights will ensure that you get an authentic taste of Portugal.

Get lost in a maze of meandering passageways brimming with hidden treasures. 

Allow the soothing light of Alfama to transport you as you wander through aromas and flavors that will appeal to all of your senses.

Gastronomy is a hymn to the spirit of Lisbon in its richness and authenticity here.

Participate in Alfama’s only plastic-free Food Tour to support family-run restaurants.

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10 Tastings of Lisbon With Locals

local cuisine in Lisbon

This customized half-day culinary tour of Lisbon ensures that you sample the best of the city’s cuisine.

Your gastronome guide selects restaurants where you may enjoy Portuguese specialties and traditional drinks, such as grilled sardines, locally made cheese, Alheira sausage, and ‘pastel de nata’ (custard tart).

Enjoy spectacular city views and explore Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest area, as you travel between cafes. 

Lisbon cuisine tour lets you sample Portuguese specialties selected by a local foodie.

Explore Alfama’s historic quarter and take in panoramic views of the city from Miradouro de Sta Catarina. 

Try pastel de nata, grilled sardines, and Ginjinha liquor, among other delights.

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Lisbon Secret Food Tour – Tapas and Port Wine

Tapas and Port Wine tour in Lisbon

On this tapas and wine tour of Lisbon, prepare to be pampered by some of Portugal’s finest cuisine.

Stop at well-picked cafes with a gastronome guide to try local specialties, including cured pork, sardines, ‘pastel de nata’ (Portuguese custard tart), and Porto wine.

On this small-group tour, restricted to 12 foodies, see the colorful Mouraria quarter, a medieval enclave is known for its diverse culture, and enjoy personalized attention from your guide.

During this three-hour tour, Learn about the medieval history of the multicultural Mouraria district.

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Drinks & Bites – Private Tour of Lisbon

Drinks & Bites Tour in Lisbon

This personalized cuisine tour of Lisbon will thrill lovers of exquisite wine and good food.

Discover unique bars hand-picked by your gastronome guide, where you can sample a wine varietal and a Portuguese dish. Enjoy grilled sardines, ‘Ginjinha’ (sour cherry liqueur), and fava beans while gaining local knowledge in a mix of hip pubs and local taverns infused with Fado music. 

During this two-and-a-half-hour tour, Visit a variety of bars to experience Portuguese cuisine.

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2-Hour Wine Tasting and Cheese Lunch

Wine Tasting and Cheese Lunch in Lisbon

Take a tasting tour of six distinct wine areas in Portugal, followed by a cheese and charcuterie lunch with goods from all over the country. 

This VIP experience allows you to ask questions and better understand Portugal’s top ten wine areas. 

Hear your guide describe six wines from six different wine regions in Portugal to highlight their contrasts and intricacies. 

Your wine guide will take you on a tour of Portugal’s regions and cultures, teach you how to taste wine, and tell you about how wine has affected the country’s history. 

This wine tasting tour will be accompanied by traditional cheeses and charcuterie made in Portugal.

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Eats, Street Art, and Undiscovered Lisbon Food Tour

Group enjoying a food and wine tour in Lisbon

During this three-and-a-half-hour tour, discover Lisbon’s lesser-known neighborhoods.

Baixa and Mouraria are culturally and historically wealthy neighborhoods that also house Lisbon’s top restaurants and eateries.

Take a stroll through the backstreets of Lisbon, which are generally unseen by tourists and where locals spend their days. 

During this journey, you’ll sample some of the most delectable Portuguese cuisines, as well as wines and beers that you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll not only learn about the city’s excellent food and drinks, but you’ll also develop an awareness of the city’s worldwide influences, from the incredible street art to learning about the Fado musical genre.

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Tastes & Traditions of Lisbon Food Tour

Tastes & Traditions of Food Tour in Lisbon

Spend the morning learning about the Lisbon of the locals, from the city’s oldest and most trusted enterprises to its best-kept secrets. 

As you stroll through the historic neighborhoods of Baixa, Chiado, Bica, and Cais do Sodré; you’ll come across stores with over a century of history, iconic foods created by the best of the best, and world-famous Portuguese sweets.

Your knowledgeable guide will take you on a culinary journey through Portugal. 

Discover the history behind each bite and see how explorations across the globe have influenced the nation of discoveries 

Sample the most iconic foods in Lisbon, from salted cod to cherry liqueur to custard tarts.

Learn how to eat and drink like a local, from choosing authentic dishes to understanding Portuguese culture

Travel back in time to places that have stood the test of time, 

During this three-and-a-half-hour tour, sample a famous dish in a traditional Tasca, and learn firsthand about the value of simplicity in Portuguese cuisine.

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Private Family-Friendly Culinary Tour

Food on display during Lisbon food tour

On a 3-hour private tasting trip for the whole family, learn about the sights and flavors of Lisbon. 

Explore the city center and try eight delicacies, including cheese, codfish cakes, the famed custard tarts, sardines, and more, and two other Portuguese drinks.

This tour is a fantastic way to learn about Portugal’s culture and gastronomy while enjoying its cuisine.

With the help of a private tour guide, you can have a truly unique experience.

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Flavors of the Sea in Lisbon’s Mouraria & Alfama

Flavors of the Sea in Lisbon

Mouraria and the gastronomy it has to offer, situated adjacent to Lisbon’s city, will make you fall in love.

Enjoy over six tastes specially selected for you by your local foodie host. You’re in for a treat, so bring your appetite. 

From traditional Portuguese delicacies like codfish and octopus salad to innovative dishes like Gambas Wa Malu or the Shrimp Bowl, you’re in for a treat.

Learn a little about the city’s history and importance on this culinary adventure in Lisbon.

During this two-and-a-half-hour tour, sample one of Portugal’s most famous dishes, codfish salad, while learning about that neighborhood.

Finish your tour of delectable Alfama at the overlook immediately next to the Restaurant, where you can take in one of Lisbon’s best views.

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