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Cooking classes in Sorrento


In Sorrento, cooking classes are all about making merriment in the kitchen.

Whether you’re simply learning to cook for yourself or a young adult hoping to be a chef, cooking lessons in Sorrento will be a pleasant memory to carry back from your vacation in Italy. 

These cooking sessions in Sorrentini’s kitchens come in many flavors, confusing for tourists. 

This article shares everything you must know before booking your cooking classes in Sorrento.

Learn Italian cuisine in Quanto Basta Cooking School

Italian cuisine in Quanto Basta Cooking School from Sorrento

In Sorrento, spend three delightful hours and learn how to prepare Italian cuisine.

This culinary class, led by an experienced chef, will teach you how to make homemade gnocchi, meatballs, eggplant parmesan, and tiramisu.

Enjoy a glass of prosecco while sampling some of the region’s cheeses.

There are three cuisines to choose from: vegetarian, seafood, or beef.

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Pizza Making Session in the Sorrento Hills

Pizza School Experience from Sorrento

During this three-hour pizza-making session in the Sorrento hills, learn the secrets of traditional Italian pizza making from a genuine “pizzaiolo.” 

You’ll learn how to choose the best ingredients and be escorted through the complete pizza-making process from beginning to end. 

You’ll get to try your creation as well as slices from a range of pizzas and perhaps a drink or two.

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Learn Sorrentine & Neapolitan cuisine in Chez Barone School

Cooking Class in Chez Barone School from Sorrento

Chez Barone Cooking School teaches you how to create authentic Italian pasta. 

This culinary workshop, held in a villa, introduces you to Sorrentine and Neapolitan food.

After you’ve assisted in preparing the meal, sit down to sample the fruits of your labor with a wine tasting.

When traveling, taking a cooking class is a great way to learn about the culture of the place you’re visiting. 

Take the recipes home with you so you may recreate unique Italian delicacies over and over again.

More individualized treatment is provided in a private class.

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Cook like a local with Seaview

Cook like a local with Seaview in Sorrento

The session takes place in a Seaview property, where you can explore the traditional Italian lifestyle while learning about the unique flavors of local cuisine.

During this three-hour class, learn some helpful cooking techniques and hints.

You’ll learn new cooking skills from the ground up that you can recreate at home, such as how to make gnocchi, eggplant parmesan, and tiramsù. 

You will be thoroughly immersed in the Italian way of life in a convivial atmosphere among lemon and olive trees.

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Learn the art of Italian pizza making in Sorrento

Italian pizza making Class in Sorrento

During this cooking lesson in Sorrento, you’ll learn how to make Italian pizza. 

Your chef/guides will teach you how to roll and toss dough and select the freshest ingredients.

Enjoy learning the processes, tasting the olive oil and limoncello, and then settling down to eat your homemade pizzas.

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Private Cooking Class in a Local’s Home

Private Cooking Class in a Local's Home from Sorrento

The three-hour course is held in a relaxed and friendly family setting, with home recipes, advice, secrets, and anecdotes from a grandmother.

You may practically assist in preparing a complete dish utilizing authentic home cooking equipment and tools and traditional Campania ingredients. 

It will be a straightforward and enjoyable approach to learn about and sample our country’s culinary highlights.

After the session, you may sit comfortably at the table and enjoy the meals you cooked together, accompanied by local wine, Sorrento artisan beer, water, coffee, and limoncello.

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Learn to Make Amalfi Coast’s Classic Dishes

Making Amalfi Coast's Classic Dishes in Sorrento

Take new Italian cooking talents home with you as a souvenir from Sorrento. 

This three-hour cooking lesson is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Learn how to cook classic Amalfi Coast meals from the instructor and the secrets to superb Mediterranean cuisine. 

Prepare traditional Sorrento Peninsula recipes with fresh local ingredients.

Enjoy the delectable meal with a glass of wine or a soft drink.

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Sorrento Cooking Experience with Local Chef

Cooking Experience with Local Chef in Sorrento

You’ll have a whole hands-on experience with a local chef who is both professional and laid-back.

Feel at ease, and at the end of the day, you must be able to cook what they show you at home.

The brilliance of recipes is that you will learn the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine by using simple, fresh ingredients.

During this three-hour class, learn about their customs and how they live and cook.

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Cooking Class at Farmhouse on Sorrento hills

Cooking Class at Farmhouse on Sorrento hills

During this five-hour cooking session in a farmhouse in the Sorrento hills, immerse yourself in the food of the Amalfi Coast. 

You’ll meet your chef/guide in front of a farmhouse and fuel up with a traditional Italian breakfast before heading out to gather organic food from the farm’s grounds to utilize in your multi-course meal. 

Enjoy lunch on your labors of love, with a view of the sea and a wine pairing.

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Take a gelato-making class at Gelateria David School

Gelato-making class at Gelateria David School in Sorrento

Take a gelato-making workshop at Sorrento’s renowned Gelateria David School. 

Learn about the ingredients and methods used to make this wonderful and creamy ice cream. 

Make your gelato with the store owner and receive an official certificate of attendance at the end of the lesson. 

Leave with your favorite gelato flavor from the gelateria window and some new gelato knowledge.

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Six nights cooking vacation in Sorrento

Six nights cooking vacation in Sorrento

In Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, cooking schools offer cooking courses, cooking vacations, and culinary-based programs. 

The lessons are specifically designed to help you master the secrets of various recipes quickly and effortlessly, including preparing authentic Neapolitan specialties.

After the session, you’ll be able to quickly replicate the dish’s preparation and serve an unforgettable dinner to your guests.

Enjoy a wonderful week with your chef, having fun and drinking wine.

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