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Food tours in Naples, Italy


A food tour of Naples, Italy  takes you on a culinary adventure with unparalleled access to the best restaurants, pubs, and street food.

During these highly-rated tours, you will be walking through historic neighborhoods, interacting with the people of Naples, and learning the history as you sample fantastic foods.

Naples is widely known for its wealth of historical museums.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your food tours in Naples, Italy.

Naples Street Food Tour With Local Expert

Local delicacy of Naples

On a cuisine and sightseeing trip to Naples, get a firsthand experience of one of Italy’s gastronomic capitals. 

Spend some time walking about the city, stopping at the city’s main squares and basilicas as well as hidden cafes to sample traditional delicacies. 

As you move from one mini-feast to the next, learn about the history of Naples while eating everything from zucchini flowers to ragù, baccalà, and pizza. 

During this two-and-a-half=hour tour, walk downtown and enjoy Naples’s food and sightseeings. 

Between tastings, explore some of Naples’ cultural attractions. 

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10 Tastings of Naples With Locals

Visitors enjoying local cuisine in Naples

On a half-day food tour conducted by your private guide, learn about the delectable delicacies of Naples.

Learn how cooks in Naples prepare their meals while sampling pizza, spaghetti, fish, and baked goods, all accompanied by drinks such as prosecco and wine.

On a trip that can be tailored to your interests, you can also learn about the city’s landmarks. 

Hear your guide’s intelligent commentary about Naples. 

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Street Food Tour with Sightseeing

Food on display during Naples food tour

No city loves food more than Naples, and its history is more linked with its cuisine than Naples’.

With this guided culinary tour through the historic center, get a unique perspective on Neapolitan culture via the lens of its most distinctive street meals. 

While eating fresh buffalo mozzarella, pizza fritta, pizza Margherita, limoncello, sfogliatella, and baba’, take in the neighborhood’s features and learn about its lore.

Combine sightseeing and street food samples in Naples’ historic core. 

A guide will help you navigate the ancient town without relying on maps.

To experience this classic liquor, pay a visit to a small limoncello maker.

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Naples Food Walking Tour

Food Walking Tour in Naples

On this delightful street food-themed walking tour, sample some of Naples’ most delectable cuisine. 

You’ll cruise the streets of this vibrant city, discovering the street sellers and food markets, with a guide to show you the best of the finest. 

Sip a strong espresso, enjoy warm sfogliatella’ (a layered pastry), and find out where to get the best pizza in town.  

Walking tour of Naples’s street food Beautiful structures such as the Galleria Umberto I, the Royal Palace of Naples, and the Teatro di San Carlo are worth seeing.

Learn about the history of Neapolitan street food and the most famous street foods. 

At a traditional food market, rub elbows with the locals during this three-hour tour.

This small-group trip, with a maximum of 14 people, provides an intimate encounter.

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Naples Secret Food Tour

Secret Food Tour in Naples

Begin your tour with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable English-speaking local guide to learn more about the area.

Gain a great understanding of Neapolitan food and culture during this three-and-a-half-hour presentation.

Small small groups (limit of 12 persons) allow for more personal contact.

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100% Personalised Culinary Tour of Naples

Group enjoying a food tour in Naples

With this food-themed private walking tour, see Rome through the eyes of a local.

Traditional Roman fare such as pizza Bianca and gelato is on the menu. 

From the markets of Campo de Fiori to the lovely bars of Trastevere, explore multiple areas on foot.

During this two to four-hour tour, Make an itinerary based on your interests.

Get suggestions on where to dine and drink for the rest of your trip.

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Naples by Night Food And Wine Tasting

Night Food And Wine Tasting Tour in Naples

This four-hour walking tour of Naples combines food and history, with your guide telling the city’s stories via the lens of food. 

Along with a culinary-themed excursion, see famous sights and monuments while eating Neopolitan foods, including buffalo mozzarella, ragu, limoncello, pastries, and more.

Note that vegetarians will be accommodated, but vegans will not be able to participate in the tour. 

Foodies and history enthusiasts will love this place.

Street food tour in an old market of Naples

Street food tour in Naples

In Naples, go to the oldest market where all Neapolitans go to buy anything.

Tourists and locals alike are drawn to the low prices and authenticity of the product.

This market still has the same air as it did 200 years ago when it was a well-known market.

Visit a traditional fish business, where they catch and prepare fish.

The famed crocché, arancini, and fried corn are all worth trying.

Then, go to a delicatessen to sample a local snack.

Visit Naples’ oldest “trippaiolo” and get our boiled lemon pork. 

Finally, for a sweet treat, you can choose from a variety of Neapolitan desserts.

The restaurants you visit still adhere to traditional Neapolitan cuisine, using genuine ingredients.

You will be in the heart of Naples for two hours. 

Your guide will tell you about the history and components of our street food.

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