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Food tours in Baltimore – tickets, prices


Baltimore is a diverse and delicious world where you can experience the city’s history, culture, and tasty dishes. A food tour in Baltimore is a great way to explore the city.

You can discover the stories behind the recipes, meet passionate chefs and food artisans, and savor the unforgettable flavors that make Baltimore a destination worth exploring on an empty stomach.

Baltimore’s food tours offer a delicious journey through its diverse neighborhoods, allowing you to savor rich flavors, from the famous blue crab dishes to the various creations of innovative chefs.

Whether you’re a seafood lover, a fan of soulful Southern cuisine, or eager to explore the latest trends in farm-to-table dining, Baltimore has a food tour for your preferences.

This article shares everything you should know before buying your Baltimore food tour tickets.

Walking Foodie Tour – Fells PointUS$101
Fells Point Food Tour in BaltimoreUS$76
Little Italy and Jonestown Food TourUS$75
Ethnic Foodie Tour of Mt. Vernon neighborhoodUS$110
Federal Hill Culinary TourUS$73

What to expect on a food tour

Baltimore is known for its diverse food scene, and food tours aim to showcase this richness.

You’ll sample various cuisines, from Maryland’s famous blue crab dishes to international flavors like Italian, Greek, and African.

Food tours in Baltimore often take you through several areas, allowing you to explore charming streets, historic sites, and colorful communities.

Depending on the tour, you might sample Baltimore’s iconic dishes, such as crab cakes, crab soup, pit beef sandwiches, oysters, and cookies.

Some food tours include behind-the-scenes access to kitchens and interactions with chefs and food artisans. This tour lets you learn about their craft and the inspiration behind their dishes.

Many tours include beverage pairings, such as local craft beer, wine, or cocktails, to complement the food selections.

Additionally, you’ll get to learn about the city’s history, traditions, and the people who have contributed to its tapestry.

A Baltimore food tour is an opportunity to savor the city’s delicious treasures while gaining a deeper understanding of its history, and vibrant food culture.

Walking Foodie Tour – Fells Point

Restaurant guests visit on food tours in Baltimore.
Image: viator.com

Embark on a 3.5-hour small-group walking tour of Fells Point, Baltimore’s historic waterfront district, to sample Chesapeake Bay cuisine and other dishes.

As you stroll through the neighborhood, your guide will provide commentary on the city’s history and architecture.

You’ll stop for tastings at four restaurants and enjoy a signature alcoholic drink at a fifth establishment.

The tour features small local businesses that are popular in the area and includes one drink and enough food samples to make up a meal.

This tour is a great way to learn about Baltimore’s history and culture while enjoying delicious food.

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 3 pm and will last around 4 hours.

Ticket Price: US$101

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Fells Point Food Tour in Baltimore

Fells Point Food Tour in Baltimore
Image: viator.com

Fell’s Point is a historic neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, known for its seafood restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

The Fell’s Point community is home to various cultures, and its restaurants reflect this diversity.

Visitors at the Fell’s Point can sample Polish, Baltimore-style pit beef, and Spanish tapas, all within walking distance.

This tour is a great way to experience the best of Fell’s Point’s culinary scene. Your guide will lead you to various restaurants, where you will sample specially made dishes.

You’ll also learn about the history of Fell’s Point from your guide, who will share stories about the neighborhood’s past.

This tour is a great way to learn about Fell’s Point’s culture and cuisine.

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 3 pm and will last around 4 hours.

Ticket Price: US$76

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Little Italy and Jonestown Food Tour

Local delicacy of Baltimore
Image: viator.com

Join this cultural food tour of Little Italy and Jonestown and discover the culinary scenes of these historic neighborhoods.

As you stroll through the streets, you will be greeted by the aromas of home-style dishes wafting from the various restaurants, bakeries, and delis.

Your guide will lead you to various historic establishments and hidden gems visitors should notice.

You will also enjoy skip-the-line access to some of the best stops on the itinerary, where you will sample the specialties of early 19th-century Jewish and Italian immigrants, from fresh knishes to homemade meatballs.

This tour is a great way to learn about these two neighborhoods’ history and culture and experience some of their best food.

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 1.30 pm and will last around 4 hours.

Ticket Price: US$75

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Ethnic Foodie Tour of Mt. Vernon neighborhood

tourists enjoying on Baltimore food tour
Image: viator.com

This walking ethnic food tour in Mt. Vernon, Baltimore, offers food, facts, and fun.

Join this for an exciting tour of the Mt. Vernon neighborhood, where you can see extravagant architecture, lavish homes built in the 19th century, and the first Washington Monument, built before its bigger brother in DC.

You’ll learn about the impact this small neighborhood has had on the history of this country as you enjoy multi-ethnic cuisine and gorgeous sights.

This tour is perfect for those who want to experience the most diverse food in Baltimore, including Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Asian, and fusion cuisine. You’ll also experience some of the higher-end architecture and history in the city.

As you wander, listen to your guide’s commentary on the architecture of the luxurious mansions, stopping at several food vendors for a progressive dinner with drinks. 

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 2 pm and will last around 4 hours.

Ticket Price: US$110

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Federal Hill Culinary Tour

Federal Hill Culinary Tour in Baltimore
Image: viator.com

Embark on a culinary journey through Baltimore’s historic Federal Hill neighborhood on this guided food tour.

You’ll sample the diverse cuisine of this vibrant neighborhood, from traditional Maryland crab cakes to modern American fare.

On the tour, you will visit four different restaurants, each offering a unique dining experience. You will sample various dishes, including crab cakes, pit beef, and Berger cookies.

Simultaneously, you’ll also learn about the history of Federal Hill, from its early days as a fishing village to its current status as a popular tourist destination.

This tour is a great way to spend an afternoon in Baltimore. It is a fun and educational experience that will leave you with a new appreciation for the city’s food, culture, and history.

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 2 pm and will last around 4 hours.

Ticket Price: US$73

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Cruises with food and drink experience

Cruises with food and drink experience in Baltimore
Image: viator.com

Another way to sample Baltimore cuisine is to book a cruise while visiting the city.

You will be seated at a comfortable, private table and enjoy a three-course meal with premium beverages.

As you dine on a gourmet buffet prepared with seasonal offerings, you will also see fascinating city landmarks, such as the Maryland Science Center, Pride Mast Memorial, and Francis Scott Key Bridge, pass by.

You can also enjoy live music and dancing on some cruises. These cruises are a great way to see the city and enjoy a delicious meal simultaneously.

To enjoy Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and its cuisine, you can choose from the 3-hour Spirit of Baltimore Dinner Cruise or the cheaper lunch cruise

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Tips for making most of your food tour

While sampling various dishes, arriving with a reasonable appetite is essential. Skipping a meal before the tour allows you to fully enjoy the tastings without feeling overly full.

Baltimore food tours often involve walking, so wear comfortable shoes for exploring neighborhoods and standing at various stops.

Baltimore can be humid during summer, so drink plenty of water throughout the tour to stay refreshed.

Food tours often include unique and sometimes unexpected dishes. Be open to trying foods you may not have considered before.

Beyond the food, remember that food tours are a chance to explore the city’s neighborhoods, history, and culture. Take in the sights, sounds, and stories as you go along.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to savor the culinary delights of Baltimore and make the most of your food tour experience.

Baltimore food tour FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about food tours in Baltimore.

What is a Baltimore food tour?

A food tour in Baltimore is a guided culinary adventure typically involving visiting multiple restaurants, eateries, or food-related establishments to sample various dishes and learn about the local food scene and culture.

What can I expect on a Baltimore food tour?

You’ll explore different neighborhoods, sample a diverse range of foods, and learn about the history and culture of Baltimore through its culinary offerings. Each tour is unique, but they all offer a mix of tasting, storytelling, and exploration.

How long do Baltimore food tours usually last?

The duration of food tours can vary, but most typically last around 2 to 3 hours. Some longer tours may extend to 4 hours or more.

Are food tours in Baltimore suitable for vegetarians or people with dietary restrictions?

Many food tour operators in Baltimore accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. It’s advisable to inform the tour operator about any dietary restrictions when booking so they can make appropriate arrangements.

Do food tours in Baltimore include alcoholic beverages?

Some food tours include alcoholic beverage pairings, while others do not. It’s best to check with the tour description or operator to see if drinks are included.

Can I purchase items or souvenirs during the Baltimore food tour?

Some food tours may include stops at markets or shops where you can buy items or souvenirs. Bring some cash or a credit card if you want to make purchases.

What should I wear on a Baltimore food tour?

Dress comfortably and consider the weather conditions. Comfortable walking shoes and layered clothing are often recommended.

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