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Cooking Classes in Naples, Italy


In Naples, cooking classes are all about making merriment in the kitchen.

Whether you’re simply learning to cook for yourself or a young adult hoping to be a chef, cooking lessons in Naples will be a pleasant memory to carry back from your vacation in Italy. 

These cooking sessions in Napolitano’s kitchens come in many flavors, confusing for tourists. 

This article shares everything you must know before booking your cooking classes in Naples, Italy.

Learn to Make Marinara, Margherita, or Fried Pizza

Learn to Make Marinara, Margherita, or Fried Pizza in Naples

Choose between preparing a Margherita, marinara, or fried Pizza, and you’ll be an expert pizza maker for two hours.

This legendary Pizza was first tasted in Naples in 1800.

This product originated in the city and is now well-known throughout the world.

For decades, the secrets have been passed down, truly well-kept secrets. 

With the assistance of an expert pizza maker, you will be able to prepare and cook Pizza in a wood oven.

Master will reveal every secret to baking a delicious pizza.

Finally, you’ll get to enjoy the Pizza you made! Don’t miss out on this fantastic experience.

You’ll also get a lovely pizza chef diploma at the end.

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Small-Group Naples Pizza Making Experience

Pizza Making Experience in Naples

You’ll visit one of Naples’ oldest pizzerias for an exclusive opportunity to create your Neapolitan Pizza during this one-hour trip.

Pizzeria assures fresh, locally farmed cuisine every day.

Don’t miss a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a professional Neapolitan ‘Pizzaiolo,’ who will unveil all the secrets and processes of the world’s most famous dish in a small group setting.

Once you’ve entered the Pizzeria, you’ll begin your journey by learning how to create dough step by step, with the help and advice of our staff and Pizzaiolo.

Then you’ll be able to make authentic and distinctive Neapolitan Pizza with all of the components you’ll need.

Take pleasure in your Pizza.

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Homemade Pizza Class in Napoli

Homemade Pizza Class in Naples

The birthplace of Pizza, Naples, Italy, is the best spot to learn how to prepare it. 

Learn the secrets of classic Neapolitan cooking and the skills behind the perfect slice during your pizza-making lesson. 

Finish the lesson with a three-course supper of your homemade Pizza with your classmates.

A maximum group size of sixteen assures a personal and tailored experience.

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Pizza and Pasta Class at Savio’s kitchen

Pizza and Pasta Class at Savio's kitchen in Naples

This cooking lesson in Napoli, reportedly the birthplace of Pizza, teaches the fundamentals of Italian cuisine in a relaxed setting.

You’ll get hands-on cooking experience as well as learn about the history and current state of Italian cuisine before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your labor with alcoholic beverages.

During this three-hour culinary session, immerse yourself in Italian cuisine.

Learn how to create two Italian classics: Pizza and pasta.

You’ll have access to ingredients and equipment you wouldn’t typically have.

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Learn to Make Neapolitan Pizza in Naples

Making Neapolitan Pizza in Naples

This session will teach you how to make your own Neapolitan Margherita pizza while also teaching you how to make homemade Neapolitan dough. 

All of the components will be fresh and natural. 

Enjoy your Neapolitan Pizza while sipping a glass of wine and looking out over the sea of Naples and Castel Nuovo. 

Feel like a true Neapolitan pizzaiolo by tasting the authentic Margherita flavor.

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A Lesson on Making Fresh Egg Pasta and Ravioli

Making Fresh Egg Pasta and Ravioli in Naples

Visit a traditional Neapolitan restaurant where you will be given all of the materials to make homemade pasta.

An expert cook is the only way to eat authentic homemade pasta.

The recipe is ancient, and learn how to cook it traditionally.

You will learn the secrets of this ancient recipe that only a few people know during this two-and-a-half-hour workshop.

As an ancient Neapolitan grandma, you will receive a one-of-a-kind professional and enjoyable encounter.

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Pasta and Tiramisu class in Naples

Pasta and Tiramisu class in Naples

You must try at least one pasta dish while in Italy.

With your Cesarina, learn how to roll sfoglia’ (fresh pasta) by hand and make two accessible types of pasta (stuffed pasta + fresh pasta).

As a cherry on top, you’ll learn how to make the famous Tiramisu.

In this hands-on cooking class, you can share your passion for Italian cuisine while meeting new people.

It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in Italian culture.

This three-hour session will include: Warm up with an Italian aperitivo.

Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of home cooks, with members spread around the country.

They are kind and friendly hosts who welcome inquiring visitors into their homes for immersive culinary experiences.

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Handmade Pasta with Zio Alfonso

Handmade Pasta with Zio Alfonso in Naples

The Amalfi Coast is recognized for its outstanding cuisine, but distinguishing authentic dishes from tourist fare may be difficult. 

Learn how to make some of the most popular local foods at home with this hands-on cooking session. 

During this informal workshop that emphasizes local foods, cook traditional Pizza, homemade pasta, and a classic dessert with Alfonso. Then, sit down to enjoy a meal including what you’ve prepared together.

An enthusiastic local chef will teach you how to make southern Italian meals. 

To prepare Pizza, spaghetti, and desserts, use locally sourced tomatoes and lemons. 

To round up the class, sample your work over a meal. 

As a souvenir, take three pasta dish recipes home with you.

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