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Food Tours in Hilton Head


Hilton Head food tours go beyond the essential culinary experience to immerse you in the city’s culture.

During these highly-rated tours, you enjoy delicious food and drinks from Hilton Head’s best restaurants and streets with a fun and informative guide leading the way.

Food is a language in its own right, and you don’t have to be a foodie to understand it.

Hilton Head Island often voted as one of the best vacation destinations in the world, is well-known for its magnificent beaches and top-notch golf courses.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your food tours in Hilton Head.

Mixology and Tapas Tour in Hilton Head

Local delicacy of Hilton Head

You can eat and drink through Hilton Head during this small-group mixology and tapas tour.

Meet up with your guide for an insider’s perspective and sample a variety of tapas at each site.

This two-and-a-half-hour tour will help you to acquire knowledge about the local cuisine and the restaurants in Hilton Head. 

After the tour, get suggestions about places to eat and drink in Hilton Head.

Visit several renowned restaurants for tapas and to learn more about Hilton Head.

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Hilton Head Morning Kayaking & Coffee Guided Tour

Morning Kayaking & Coffee Guided Tour in Hilton Head

Take a leisurely kayak tour through Hilton Head’s waters to get your day started correctly.

Grab a cup of coffee and get together with a small group before you leave.

Discover the area’s marshes and wide creeks while learning about the surroundings from your guide.

The most excellent way to start your day is kayaking early in the morning on the river and a cup of coffee.

During this one-and-a-half-hour tour, you can also see some local wildlife, such as birds and dolphins.

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Morning Segway & Coffee Tour

Couple enjoying Morning Segway & Coffee Tour in Hilton Head

Half of this enjoyable tour is on a Segway, and half is drinking coffee.

Take this tour to have a fun and unique way to experience Hilton Head Island.

This two-and-a-half-hour tour will be one of the highlights of your vacation.

Discover Hilton Head on a Segway and enjoy the pleasure these entertaining vehicles offer.

At Compass Rose Park, stop at two bakeries for coffee and treats and relax while enjoying the delicacies and HHI history.

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Guided Segway and Smoothies Tour

Fun is overloaded on this two-hour and fifteen-minute excursion, which is guaranteed to be your vacation’s highlight.

Discover Hilton Head on a Segway and enjoy the pleasure these entertaining vehicles offer.

Visit a Smoothie & Boba Tea window nearby for a treat that you’re guaranteed to love.

Before returning to the starting point, take in Compass Rose Park’s tranquillity and history of Hilton Head.

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Guided Segway and Taco Tour

Visitors enjoying local cuisine in Hilton Head

What could be more enjoyable than exploring fantastic local tacos while riding a Segway?

Take this two-and-a-half-hour tour with Segways, eco-discovery, tacos, and more.

Segway to popular HHI taco locations and try at least two to three different restaurants’ tacos along the trip.

Who doesn’t love tacos? Take advantage of some excellent local dishes while learning more about Hilton Head’s ecosystem and history.

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Hilton Head Morning Dolphins & Donuts Cruise

Morning Dolphins & Donuts Cruise in Hilton Head

This tour is a great combo of dolphin and doughnuts, and Your family won’t soon forget this trip, for sure!

As you cruise and watch the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin in its native habitat, have some doughnuts, juice, or water.

During this one-and-a-half-hour tour, you can watch the dolphins play, eat or swim. 

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