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Wine tasting in Florence


A wine tasting tour in Florence takes you to a picturesque setting where you can drink vintage wines. 

You will be able to master wine tasting while also learning about the history of the neighborhood. 

Parents may enjoy wine tasting and vistas without watching their children while they sip grape juice and have fun exploring the open spaces.

Florence is the best place to share your passion for Wine.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your wine tasting tours in Florence.

Wine Tasting Experience in the Tuscan Countryside

Wine Tasting Experience in the Tuscan Countryside from Florence

On this small-group tasting tour from Florence, discover the various delights of Tuscany’s wine valley.

Travel past vineyards, olive orchards, and cypress trees on picturesque hillside roads. 

Visit two top-rated wineries in the legendary Chianti Classico region, see the cellars, and discover how traditional winemaking processes are used. 

Wines, olive oil, and Tuscan delicacies such as fresh cheeses and crostini are all available to sample. 

For a more personalized experience, the group size is limited to sixteen people. 

At the first winery, there is a tasting of several wines and olive oils. 

At the second winery, you’ll be able to sample a variety of wines and olive oils, as well as local Tuscan delicacies (cheese, salami, cured ham, and bruschetta).

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Afternoon Wine Tour of Chianti from Florence

Afternoon Wine Tour of Chianti from Florence

On this Chianti wine trip from Florence, you’ll get a firsthand taste of the Tuscan countryside.

The journey, led by a professional tour escort, includes stops at local vineyards in picturesque villages.

Learn about the qualities of each blend and discover the secrets of the winemakers as you sample some of the most renowned Tuscan wines. 

Before returning to Florence, take a look at the fortification of Castellina. 

A professional tour escort and a wine-expert guide will lead you on Florence’s Chianti wine tasting tour.

Travel across Tuscany and take in the scenery. 

Visit the region’s rural communities, such as Greve in Chianti. 

Enjoy regional Wine and traditional cuisine tastes. 

During this seven-hour tour, investigate the wine caves where outstanding Tuscan wines are aged.

If you prefer to taste the wines of the Chianti region in the evening while enjoying the sunset, check out this 5-hour tour

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Visit San Gimignano, Siena, Monteriggioni, Chianti with Lunch & Wine Tasting

Lunch & Wine Tasting Tour in Florence

See the Tuscan gems of San Gimignano, Siena, and Chianti on a day trip from Florence.

Stop first in the city of the medieval hilltop town of San Gimignano. 

Then it’s off to the village of Chianti for a tasting of local blends and delicious lunch at a winery. 

Top off your trip in Siena to explore its historic city center with a stop at the Duomo.

Travel through the Chianti countryside in Tuscany.

During an eleven-hour tour, discover the famous Siena Cathedral and its treasures.

Make a stop in a charming village in Chianti for lunch.

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Tuscan Wine Experience in Vintage Fiat 500

Tuscan Wine Experience in Vintage Fiat 500 from Florence

With this adventure that combines wine tasting and a Fiat five-hundred tour, you’ll get a taste of the best of Italy. 

Starting in Florence, climb behind the wheel of a magnificent 1960s model and join your convoy on tour across the Tuscan countryside. 

Then park your vintage vehicle at a 15th-century winery and villa. 

Self-drive Fiat five-hundred trip starting in Florence, focusing on world-class Tuscan wines.

In the heart of Tuscany, visit a Renaissance villa and wine farm from the 15th century. 

During this tour around grounds, vineyards, and cellars, sample a variety of locally produced wines. 

With a guide, you can navigate the Tuscan hills without getting lost.

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Florence to Greve Village for Wine Tasting Experience

Florence to Greve Village for Wine Tasting Experience

On this half-day excursion from Florence, discover the famed beauty and flavor of Italy’s Chianti wine region. 

Travel through the Tuscan countryside’s rolling hills and vineyards, stopping at two estate wineries for authentic Chianti wines and regional delicacies such as bruschetta and cheese.

Visit the charming village of Greve for a taste of rural life, and take advantage of free time to wander the meandering medieval alleyways and artisan stores. 

Travel across the Tuscan countryside’s rolling hills and old vineyards. 

Meet the winemakers and learn about the old ways of making Wine.

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Tuscany Wine Tour

Tuscany Wine Tour in Florence

Spend a day sipping Wine and making new acquaintances in the gorgeous Tuscan countryside.

Tours and tastings of world-famous varietals like Chianti Classico and Super Tuscan are available at legitimate wineries. 

A sommelier guide will explain the wines’ production and flavor profiles, and you’ll be able to sample high-quality balsamic vinegar, olive, and truffle oils to round out your palette.

Also, spend some free time in the lovely medieval village of San Gimignano, exploring the winding lanes and artisan shops.

Enjoy touring the Tuscan countryside with a full day of social wine tasting. 

They are designed with 18-to-39-year-olds in mind. 

Taste regional varieties like Chianti Classico and Super Tuscan at distinct wineries.

Learn about traditional winemaking techniques and receive tasting recommendations. 

Other local specialties include aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. 

During a seven-hour tour, explore San Gimignano’s well-preserved medieval hamlet.

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Sunset Siena and Chianti Wine Tour with Dinner

Sunset Siena and Chianti Wine Tour with Dinner in Florence

This evening tour from Florence takes you to Siena and the Chianti region. 

Avoid the crowds by arriving in Siena late in the day and exploring the Piazza del Campo. 

Then, in the famous Chianti region of Tuscany, visit a Tuscan wine cellar for a four-course meal matched with local wines. 

Return to central Florence after a romantic evening in the Tuscan countryside. 

Siena excursion in the evening, wine cellar visit, and Chianti supper Visit Siena, a Tuscan city, and take some free time to watch the sunset. 

Learn about local Wine on a tour of a wine estate at a Tuscan farmhouse in Chianti. 

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Wine Tasting at a Private Medieval Winery in Chianti

Wine Tasting at a Private Medieval Winery in Florence

On this half-day tasting tour from Florence, learn about Tuscany’s lengthy winemaking history. 

Tour the estate, vineyards, and family cellars of a privately owned 12th-century winery in Chianti.

Expert guides will teach you about the region’s unique and well-known varietals, and you’ll be able to taste the difference for yourself during a guided tasting of estate wines, which will be paired with a beautiful Tuscan lunch. 

On a journey to Chianti, learn about Italian winemaking. 

During five-hour tours, visit wineries, cellars, and estates in the area. 

Enjoy a delectable Tuscan meal matched with regional wines. 

Take in the scenery of Chianti’s undulating hills.

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