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Food tours in Little Havana, Miami


Food tours in Little Havana Miami are popular with both tourists and locals.

They are an excellent way to explore the regional cuisine in restaurants, pubs, and streets and better get to know the place and its people.

You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy these highly-rated tours.

Little Havana, Miami is the best-known Cuban exile neighborhood globally and is famous for its street life, restaurants, music, and other cultural activities.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your food tour in Little Havana, Miami.

Little Havana Food and Walking Tour

Visitors enjoying local cuisine in Little Havana

This guided walking culinary tour takes you through the sights and sounds of Miami’s bustling Little Havana district. 

With visits to some of the neighborhood’s greatest family-owned and managed Cuban eateries, explore this vibrant Cuban quarter and learn about its unique history and culture. 

Guava pastries, chicken plantain cups, and flan ice cream, to name a few of the delicacies presented along the journey, are just a few of the delights available. 

Meet some of the artists in the area, observe talented Cuban cigar rollers, and listen to traditional Cuban music.

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Food tour through best Cuban restaurants in Little Havana

Group enjoying a food tour in Little Havana

This culinary and cultural tour of Little Havana in Miami will teach you everything you need to know about Cuban culture. 

You’ll see vital Cuban locations like Cuban Memorial Park and the Bay of Pigs Museum with a guide, and you’ll hear in-depth discussion about Cuban ancestry in Miami.

Your guide will take you to some of Cuba’s top family-run eateries, where you can enjoy stewed beef and Guava pastries, among other specialties.

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Cultural and Food Walking Tour

tourists enjoy drinks on Little Havana food tour

On a three-hour walking tour of the historic neighborhood led by a local guide, immerse yourself in the rhythms, flavors, and culture of Little Havana. 

Take a stroll through a lively farmer’s market, see skilled cigar rollers at work, sample the best Cuban coffee, and end the morning with a traditional Cuban meal. 

Learn about the history and backstories that keep Little Havana alive, from public art to the game-playing regulars in Domino Park, as you stroll through the area.

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Food, Cuban Culture, Mojito & Street Art Tour

Local delicacy of Little Havana

On a two-hour walking tour of Little Havana in Miami, learn about Cuban culture. 

Visit a cigar factory and learn about local attractions, including the Bay of Pigs memorial.

Stop by the CubaOcho cultural center for a mojito and a look at the Cuban art collection, as well as a cup of strong Cuban coffee and a typical Cuban pastry. 

Sample famous Cuban coffee and pastry and a classic mojito

Take in the bustling scene around SW 8th Street and Domino Park, and learn about the area’s history from your experienced guide.

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Private Little Havana Cuban Food Tour

Private Little Havana Cuban Food Tour

When visiting Miami, a trip to Little Havana is a must. However, knowing where to look for the best areas might be challenging. 

Your guide will take you on a tour of the neighborhood while telling you stories about its culture and people and serving you delectable pieces of authentic Cuban cuisine at local eateries. 

Tour Little Havana, Miami, with a focus on cuisine. 

Enjoy a truly unique experience and discover hidden gems you’d never find on your own. 

Your guide will tell you about the local culture in Little Havana.

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Small-Group Culinary Tour of Miami’s Little Havana

Culinary Tour of Miami's Little Havana

On this small-group walking tour, immerse yourself in Miami’s Little Havana district and learn everything about the city’s prosperous Cuban community. 

Choose from a variety of tour times throughout the day and meet your guide directly in the neighborhood.

Stop by a Cuban bakery on Calle Ocho to sample a variety of local delicacies; see a Cuban cigar-rolling demonstration.

Visit Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center, and drink up the ineffable spirit of the neighborhood.

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Eating and Drinking Tour with Local Cuban Guide

Eating and Drinking Tour in Little Havana

This tour is a cultural experience and a food tour led by an accurate Cuban guide with close ties to the Cuban community in Little Havana. 

Cuban Museums, Cuban Cigar Factories, Cuban Art Galleries, Cuban Performing Arts Centers, Cuban Restaurants, and more may all be found in Cuba. 

Consider Miami from the perspective of a local.

See and learn about culture, heritage, traditions, and history over 80 years.  

Speak with business owners, as some will be willing to share their experiences.

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Cigar Factory & Rum Tour in Little Havana

Cigar Factory & Rum Tour in Little Havana

In the Cuban district of Little Havana, join us for an exclusive rum tasting and cigar manufacturing tour. 

This tour is like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so sample and enjoy Caribbean rums. 

Your professional guide will help you gain a new respect for this renowned Caribbean spirit during this two-and-a-half-hour trip.

Find out the best things to do in Little Havana, Miami.

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