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Food tours in Tucson, Arizona


Food tours in Tucson -Arizona, are popular with both tourists and locals.

They are an excellent way to explore the regional cuisine in restaurants, pubs, and streets and better get to know the place and its people.

You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy these highly-rated tours.

Tucson is home to one of the most iconic symbols of the west: The Giant Saguaro, and it is also the first city to earn the designation of World City of Gastronomy.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your food tour in Tucson, Arizona.

Taco Bike Tour in Tucson

Local delicacy of Tucson

Tucson is well-known for its gastronomy and bike culture. 

Take a ride to the best Mexican restaurant in town.

Enjoy authentic tacos from the best local spots: birria, asada, pastor, barbacoa, pescado, costilla.

You can replace tacos with Sonoran hotdogs, which is also Tucson’s specialty.

This two-and-a-half-hour tour is approximately 15.2 km( 9.5 miles) on flat terrain.

Ride around Tucson’s south side, a unique area that many visitors ignore.

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Sonoran Desert- Wild Foods and Traditional Skills

Wild Foods in Tucson

On this morning excursion into the Sonoran Desert, have a blast and come home with some unforgettable memories! 

Enjoy tasty wild fruits, learn about our distinctive desert wildlife, and even try out some ancient Apache techniques, such as lighting fire with a friction set, weaving yucca rope, building a container out of an agave stem, and more!

During this four-hour tour, enjoy wild foods and learn traditional skills. 

Return home with new talents and a variety of desert-made things

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