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Food tours in Sorrento


Sorrento food tours go beyond the essential culinary experience to immerse you in the city’s culture.

During these highly-rated tours, you enjoy delicious food and drinks from Sorrento’s best restaurants and streets with a fun and informative guide leading the way.

Food is a language in its own right, and you don’t have to be a foodie to understand it. 

The town is widely known for its small ceramics, lacework, and marquetry shop. Sorrento is famous for its Limoncello.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your food tour in Sorrento.

Farm Experience Including Tastings, Pizza Making and Limoncello

Local delicacy of Sorrento

This 5-hour gastronomic journey from Sorrento will give you a true sense of southern Italy.

Travel to a pizzeria, cheese factory, and family-run farm with a local guide for tastes of their best products, including fresh bread, lemonade, and extra virgin olive oil. 

Learn the secrets of Italian family recipes and try your hand at Neapolitan-style pizza cooking.

Finish with coffee, dessert, and a limoncello before returning to your original departure point in Sorrento. 

Learn how to prepare some of the most traditional Italian dishes. 

Make your pizza in the style of Neapolitans.

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Walking Food Tour in Sorrento

Visitors enjoying local cuisine in Sorrento

On this small-group guided culinary tour, eat your way around Sorrento, the sun-drenched city near the Amalfi Coast.

With your guide, stroll the streets of beautiful Sorrento, stopping at family-run eateries, delis, and markets to sample a variety of local delicacies. 

From homemade gnocchi to buffalo mozzarella to prosciutto and gelato, there’s something for everyone.

Then wash it all down with craft beer, wine, and Limoncello from the area. 

The number of people on this small-group tour is limited to 12, ensuring that you get enough one-on-one attention from the guide. 

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Sorrento Food & Wine Tour – ‘Taste of Sorrento’

Food & Wine Tour in Sorrento

On this guided excursion in Sorrento, indulge your inner gourmet and venture off the beaten path. 

Meet in Piazza Angelina Lauro with an experienced local guide to explore popular local restaurants while sampling actual complimentary samples. 

Enjoy excellent dishes like parmigiana di melanzane and oven-baked ricotta cheese.

Finish this three-hour tour with Limoncello and a decadent dessert.

If you prefer a small group while going on an eating and drinking experience in Sorrento, check out this 4-hour culinary tour

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Pompeii & Vesuvius With Wine Tasting and Lunch

Pompeii & Vesuvius With Wine Tasting and Lunch in Sorrento

At the southeastern base of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii is a well-preserved ancient Roman city in Campania. 

The architect Domenico Fontana discovered the ruins of Pompeii late in the 16th century. 

Work on Pompeii did not begin until 1748, and in 1763 an inscription “Rei publicae Pompeianorum” was unearthed, identifying the location.

Following your tour to Pompeii, continue your tour to the “Cantine Sorrentino” Vineyard, which produces exceptional wines due to the fertility of the land, and where you will have the opportunity to sample the local wine and enjoy a light lunch. 

In the afternoon, climb Mount Vesuvius, and  meet an alpine guide who will tell you about the volcano’s history. 

Return to your accommodation with a limoncello tasting break in between.

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Food tour to farm in Amalfi Coast

Food tour to farm in Amalfi Coast from Sorrento

On a cuisine tour from Sorrento, learn about the culinary side of the Amalfi Coast. 

You’ll visit a family farm in the hills and try mozzarella, olive oil, wine or beer, and Limoncello, as well as bake your pizza. 

This excursion provides a convenient alternative for individuals with limited time to see more of the area by giving round-trip transportation that eliminates the hassle of automobile rental.

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Eat Street food guided by the Locals

Eat Street food guided by the Locals from Sorrento

On this 2-hour small-group walking tour of Sorrento, learn about the city as the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. 

Take a trip through the busy Piazza Vittoria and Tasso Square with your guide, get a sense of local life as you go around the fishing harbor where Sophie Loren made her first films, and enjoy the views from the public gardens. 

Take in attractions like the Sant’Antonino Church and the San Francesco Cloister, as well as the beautiful Valley of the Mills, along the way.

Setting out to explore the town’s historic core, stopping for a Neapolitan espresso, pastries, and homemade ice cream is necessary. 

Listen as your guide tells you about Sorrento’s exciting history and tradition along the route, and complete your tour with a thorough understanding of the resort town.

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E-Bike Wine & Food Tour of Sorrento Coast

E-Bike Wine & Food Tour of Sorrento Coast

The Enogastronomic Bike tour will allow you to discover unknown and uncontaminated corners of the country, away from mass tourism.

While cycling through breathtaking landscapes, immerse in scents and colors.

Enjoy the journey that aims to combine art, history, and nature with the pleasure of slow travel.

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Truffle-Hunting Experience with Lunch

Truffle-Hunting Experience with Lunch in Sorrento

A professional truffle hunter and dogs will lead you on a trip through the forested foothills of Mt Terminio to look for truffles. 

You’ll leave Sorrento and go through the beautiful Monte  Picentini park before beginning the forest hike.

Stop to learn about truffle hunting in southern Italy and sample some of the earthy delicacies retrieved from the ground. 

Before returning to Sorrento, stop at a restaurant for wine and a three-course dinner with a truffle theme. 

A private guide will accompany you on a full-day truffle excursion from Sorrento. 

On your trip through Campania, stop by the Monti Picentini Regional Park. 

On a forest and mountain trip, follow a truffle hunter and his hounds. 

Enjoy fresh truffle with ricotta cheese during the hunt.

During this eight-and-a-half-hour tour, discover the history of truffle hunting in Campania. 

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Gastronomic Private Tour of Sorrento

Gastronomic Private Tour of Sorrento

On an exciting full-day tasting tour of Sorrento, indulge all five senses while sampling the best of Southern Italian food.

Take a private tour of Sorrento’s gastronomic highlights with your guide, a fellow foodie, and sample a variety of regional specialties. 

Learn about Sorrento’s notable exports, such as lemons and olive oil; witness how Mozzarella, Treccia, and Caciotte cheeses are created; and see a pizza-making demonstration followed by a delicious meal of traditional Italian pizza.

After your stomach is full, wash it down with Limoncello, a Sorrento specialty. 

This private trip assures that you will have one-on-one time with your guide.

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Culinary Tour with Dinner on the Seafront

Group enjoying a food tour in Sorrento

Apart from the natural beauty of Sorrento, experiencing its cuisine, which is famous for its quality and freshness, is an excellent highlight of living here. 

This excursion will allow you to appreciate the city’s beauty, marvel at the breathtaking vistas, and sample Sorrento’s local cuisine.

Begin by meeting up with your gourmet guide at Piazza Tasso and partaking in a traditional Aperitivo.

Sip a Spritz and eat some Italian food at one of the many cafés. 

You may get the best photos of the beautiful vista of the blue sea and Mount Vesuvius from here.

Following that, you’ll dine at a traditional seaside restaurant, where you’ll sample a variety of delectable seafood meals. 

Continue your journey by returning to the city center and spending some time strolling through Sorrento’s main streets, browsing the little souvenir stores, and sampling a delectable Delizia al Limone, a pastry created with Sorrento’s famed lemons.

Find out the best things to do in Sorrento.

Popular Food attractions in Sorrento

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