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Brewery Tour in Charlotte, North Carolina 


Charlotte, North Carolina brewery tours are amusing and educational, immersing you in the city’s brewing history.

During this highly-rated tour, you learn about the manufacturing process and sample a wide range of products.

These brewery tours in Charlotte, North Carolina, are ideal for anyone who appreciates beer and wants to learn more about it.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your Charlotte, North Carolina brewery tour.

Original Charlotte Brewery Tour – Craft Beer Experience

During this immersive brewery tour, enjoy night of drinking and feasting.

Visit four different local breweries and try craft beer and discover how it’s manufactured.

Take a meal stop at Midwood Smokehouse during this five-hour tour.

The Participants are limited to fourteen members per group to ensure more interaction with the guide. 

Sip of Charlotte Brew Tour

City Brew Tours Charlotte highlights the history of craft beers in Charlotte.

This three-and-a-half-hour tour provides an all-inclusive and beer-focused experience and combines history, beer expertise, transportation, and an artisanal snack. 

You will get unique access to the region’s leading breweries and beers. 

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