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Food tours in Myrtle Beach – tickets, prices


Myrtle Beach is renowned for its beautiful beaches, lively entertainment scene, and exceptional cuisine. Food tours in Myrtle Beach offer a delicious opportunity for visitors to explore the city’s rich culinary scene.

Food tours in Myrtle Beach takes you to a variety of restaurants to sample different dishes.

From fresh seafood to Southern classics, Myrtle Beach’s food tours promise a flavorful journey that will tickle your taste buds and reveal the city’s diverse food journey.

Additionally, you’ll learn about the history of the food, the local culture, and the meet the local chefs.

This article shares everything you should know before buying your West Palm Beach food tour tickets.

Polynesian Fire Luau and Dinner Show in Myrtle BeachUS$69
Charleston Sightseeing Trip with Lunch from Myrtle BeachUS$177
Food at Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle BeachUS$130
Legends in Concert Myrtle Beach AdmissionUS$62

Polynesian Fire Luau and Dinner Show in Myrtle Beach

Image: Viator.com

Experience the exciting Polynesian Fire Luau, one of the most popular shows in Myrtle Beach.

This event showcases the talents of performers from various Polynesian Islands, exclusively for the Luau.

The night commences with a lei greeting from dancers, a delicious buffet dinner, and live music by our talented Polynesian band.

The show, which presents a vibrant display of songs and dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga, New Zealand, and Samoa, starts shortly after dinner.

The night concludes with an awe-inspiring performance by our World Champion Samoan Fire Knife Team.

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 6 pm and will last around 2 hours.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (12+ years): US$69
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): US$35

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Charleston Sightseeing Trip with Lunch from Myrtle Beach

Image: Viator.com

Enjoy a scenic journey to one of America’s greatest historical treasures, Charleston, South Carolina, for sightseeing, shopping, and dining.

This tour includes a ride in a carriage ride, a guided tour of Boone Hall Plantation, and a cruise.

On this tour, you’ll get to experience the highlights of Charleston on a full sightseeing day trip from Myrtle Beach.

The tour package includes a boxed lunch, a ride through the historic district in a traditional horse-drawn carriage, a Charleston Harbor boat tour, a visit to Boone Hall Plantation with a guided tour, and a brief stop at the Old City Market.

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 7 am and will last around 11 hours.

Ticket Price: US$177

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Food at Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach

Image: Viator.com

Experience a meal like no other at Hard Rock Café Myrtle Beach, whether you’re on the road or taking a lunch break.

This renowned restaurant in the bustling Celebrity Square offers a 2- or 3-course fixed-price meal with various theme options.

You’ll savor the Legendary Burger, ribs, salmon, steak, or a vegetarian option for your main course, and complete your meal with a side and dessert.

Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy classic American, fixed-price, music-themed options for dinner and explore the rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia in this popular location.

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 12 pm and will last around 2 hours.

Ticket Price: US$130

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Legends in Concert Myrtle Beach Admission

Image: Viator.com

The Legends in Concert concert in Myrtle Beach brings together some of the most renowned artists in music history on one platform.

Experience an unforgettable night of music and entertainment at the Legends in Concert show in Myrtle Beach.

Watch as talented tribute artists bring legendary performers like Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart, and Dolly Parton back to life, alongside other iconic musicians such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and the Blues Brothers.

The show features five incredible acts in one evening, all performed in the state-of-the-art Legends Theater in the heart of Myrtle Beach.

Take the opportunity to take photos and get autographs from the talented performers during the meet-and-greet session.

Timings and tour duration: The tour will commence at 2 pm and will last around 2 hours.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (12+ years): US$62
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): US$26

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Tips for making most of the tour

Here are some tips to help you fully enjoy your food tour in Myrtle Beach.

Food tours typically involve multiple tastings, so having an empty stomach is essential to savor each dish fully. Skipping a meal beforehand is a good idea.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking, as most food tours involve some degree of walking between tasting locations and exploring neighborhoods.

Alongside the delicious food, staying hydrated is important, especially if your tour includes alcoholic beverages. Bring a water bottle or purchase water during the tour to stay refreshed.

Be open to trying new foods and flavors, even if they’re outside your comfort zone. Food tours are an adventure, and you might discover unexpected culinary delights.

Myrtle Beach food tour FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Myrtle Beach food tours.

What is a food tour in Myrtle Beach?

A food tour in Myrtle Beach is a guided culinary experience that takes participants to sample various local dishes at different restaurants, eateries, and food vendors. It’s a delicious way to explore the city’s culinary scene.

How long does a typical Myrtle Beach food tour last?

The duration of a Myrtle Beach food tour can vary, but most tours last around 2 to 3 hours. Some specialized or longer tours may extend to half a day.

What types of cuisine can I expect on a Myrtle Beach food tour?

Myrtle Beach food tours offer diverse cuisine, focusing on fresh seafood, Southern comfort food, and Lowcountry dishes. You’ll have the opportunity to try a variety of flavors and dishes.

What should I wear on a Myrtle Beach food tour?

Dress comfortably and consider the weather, especially if the tour involves walking. Wear comfortable shoes for walking, and for the coastal climate, it’s often wise to have sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

Do I need to bring anything on the Myrtle Beach food tour?

Some tours may provide water or beverages, but bringing a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated is a good idea. Also, remember your camera or smartphone to capture the delicious moments.

Can I purchase food or products during the tour?

Food tours in Myrtle Beach offer the opportunity to purchase additional food, beverages, or locally-made products at the stops. It’s a good idea to bring extra cash or a credit card to make additional purchases.

Can I customize a food tour for a special occasion or group event?

Food tour companies in Myrtle Beach offer private and customizable tours for special occasions, group events, or corporate outings. Contact them in advance to discuss your specific needs and preferences.

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