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Food tours in Puerto Rico


A food tour of Puerto Rico takes you on a culinary adventure with unparalleled access to the best restaurants, pubs, and street food.

During these highly-rated tours, you will be walking through historic neighborhoods, interacting with the people of Puerto Rico, and learning the history as you sample fantastic food.

Puerto Rico is the most extended inhabited area known for its beautiful beaches and Spanish Caribbean culture with an American twist.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your food tour in Puerto Rico.

Flavors of Old San Juan Food Tour

Local delicacy of Puerto Rico

On this small-group Old San Juan culinary tour comprising numerous local establishments, get a sense of the cuisine and culture of Puerto Rico.

With the cobblestone alleys and colorful facades of the city’s oldest neighborhood as your backdrop, join your guide for a gastronomic tour of island mainstays like plantains and sofrito. 

During this three-hour tour, admire the colonial architecture and cobblestone streets of the city. 

As you tour the streets of Old San Juan with your local guide, learn about the history of the area.

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Old San Juan Sunset Walk & Taste Food Tour

Old San Juan Sunset Walk & Taste Food Tour in Puerto Rico

On this three-hour culinary tour, stroll through San Juan’s dusk twilight with a guide, stopping to sample classic Puerto Rican cuisine. 

Make five trips, each focusing on family-run businesses and local foods, and sample at each.

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Puerto Rican Food Tasting with Cooking Lesson

Food Tasting Tour with Cooking Lesson in Puerto Rico

Sample the best of San Juan’s historic cuisine; take advantage of this half-day food tour. 

This excursion is ideal for foodies, showcasing the best of San Juan’s casual culinary scene: sample nibbles from more than 60 different booths in Los Pinones and relax on Luquillo Beach. 

During this four to six-hour tour, enjoy the food you prepare. 

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Puerto Rican Food Tour

Puerto Rican Food Tour

Puerto Rican cuisine is delectable. It’s flavorful and spicy without being overpowering.

Restaurants and coffee shops abound in Old San Juan; savor the delicacies from these fantastic eateries.

Your guide will tell you about the history of Viejo San Juan and Puerto Rico.

Explore coffee shops, “panaderias” (pastry stores), and restaurants to sample the region’s cuisine.

Visit gorgeous cathedrals, plazas, monuments, and other sights.

This private tour allows you to have unique experiences.

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Local Puerto Rican Rum Distillery Tour

Local Rum Distillery Tour in Puerto Rico

On this three-hour distillery tour, learn about the history of rum-making in Puerto Rico. 

Visit the Ron Pepon distillery and sugar cane estate in San Juan to learn more about the rum-making process. 

Before settling down to savor tastings of artisan rums, see how rum was created in the past and tour a more modern facility. 

The intimacy of a small group ensures a unique experience.

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Craft Beer Adventure

tourists enjoy drinks on Puerto Rico food tour

A flourishing craft beer culture can be found in Puerto Rico. 

These breweries are dispersed over the island.

Stop at two breweries, where you’ll be able to sample a variety of beers. 

During this four to six-hour tour, enjoy visiting breweries and learn about their history.

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