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Pub Crawl in New Orleans


New Orleans pub Crawls will take you to new and intriguing locations and bars.

During this pub crawl, you will be able to try new cocktails, discover excellent pubs with bizarrely brilliant characteristics, meet a lot of new people, and have a fantastic night out.

These New Orleans pub crawls take you to various bars in a short amount of time.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your pub crawl in New Orleans.

Haunted Pub Crawl in New Orleans

Haunted Pub Crawl in New Orleans

This two-hour Ghostly Pub Crawl lead by a local certified guide will take you through the intoxicatingly haunted side of New Orleans’ French Quarter. 

Learn about true haunted ghost stories at haunted spots across the French Quarter, all of which have been authenticated via historical research. 

This trip is all about having a good time, so we make sure to visit some of the city’s best-haunted bars. 

You’ll have time to get a drink at one or more of these stations along the road. 

To participate in this tour, you must be at least 21 years old.

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Cocktail & History Walking Tour in French Quarter

Cocktail & History Walking Tour in New Orleans

Indulge in New Orleans liquid culture on this insider cocktail tour of the historic French Quarter! With an expert guide and fellow drinks enthusiasts, journey beyond the hubbub of Bourbon Street and visit four historic local haunts – cocktail included at each. 

At each legendary venue, admire the mixology of notable bartenders, discover the origins and truths of centuries‐old spirits such as absinthe, and sip on a Sazerac. 

Savor a Sazerac in a former icehouse that once supplied ice to many New Orleans bars.

Visit the elegant bar at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, which was a convent in the 19th century.

Soak up the atmosphere at two of New Orleans’ establishments 

Learn why absinthe drinking was banned for decades in the US and Europe. 

During this three-hour tour, hear fascinating and informative commentary on cocktail history from your native guide.

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Street Live Music Pub Crawl in New Orleans

Street Live Music Pub Crawl in New Orleans

On this small-group nighttime tour, stroll down Frenchmen Street, New Orleans’ favorite nightlife destination for live music. 

Visit some of the hottest nightclubs, one of which will serve you an included New Orleans-style cocktail, and listen to guided commentary on the street’s fascinating past. 

You can also pick up some locally crafted souvenirs at the Frenchmen Street Art Market.

On Bourbon Street, go beyond the usual tourist traps. 

During this three-hour pub crawl, enjoy personalized service in a small group of no more than ten persons.

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Scandalous Cocktail Hour Tour

Scandalous Cocktail Hour Tour in New Orleans

On a two-and-a-half-hour walking tour of the city’s most charming venues, from old-time brothels to historic pubs, start your evening with a dose of New Orleans vice.

 As you explore spots that have seen generations of pirates, mobsters, madams, and murderers, hear stories of the Big Easy’s most iconic and scandalous personalities.

 Learn about the history of iconic local cocktails like the Sazerac, and stop along the way to order drinks while toasting New Orleans’ wild past. 

With the help of a local guide, take a tour of the city. Get insider information on how to visit the city.

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Drunken History Tour of NOLA

Drunken History Tour of NOLA in New Orleans

Raise a glass to the city’s wild past on a popular French Quarter tour that keeps the party rolling with a heady mix of beverages and history. 

The evening romp is designed for anyone aged 21 and up and takes you through the city’s most famous district with a fun-loving guide. 

Because it’s an adults-only tour, you’ll hear New Orleans history, complete with all the juicy details, and stop at famous bars for refills along the route. 

An engaging guide will tell you true stories about murder, pirates, brothels, and more. 

Along the route, stop at hand-picked French Quarter bars.

During this two-hour tour, one complimentary drink is given to help you get started on a fantastic evening.

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Haunted Ghost and Pub Walking Tour

Pub Walking Tour in New Orleans

In the historic French Quarter, meet your costumed tour guide for a stroll through one of history’s most iconic locales. 

This ghost tour and pub crawl mashup will take you through some of the South’s oldest structures. 

Behind the shutters, each one has its own terrible story to tell. Tales of war, murder, voodoo; folklore and lore; and the horrible horrors hidden beneath the great French and Spanish architecture will be said. 

With a glass of bourbon in hand, we’ll spend two hours exploring the French Quarter and learning about the city’s long-term residents.

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New Orleans Drunk Spirits Pub Crawl Tour

Drunk Spirits Pub Crawl Tour in New Orleans

Combine the ravenous nightlife of New Orleans’ French Quarter with the city’s illustrious heritage. 

Our specially trained and experienced guides will reveal to you what only the locals know but are afraid to say. 

On this 2-hour tour through New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood, hear tales of the broken-hearted and violent, the lonesome, and the brave.

And, if you think vampires are only a figment of the imagination, think again. 

The brave and the foolish will encounter vampiric society, customs, and odd potions. 

We’ll take you on a voyage back in time to see how pirates wreak havoc. 

During this two-hour, learn about the ancient legends that continue to plague New Orleans via the eyes of local people. 

Only those aged 21 and up are permitted.

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NOLA Distillery Tour

NOLA Distillery Tour in New Orleans

During your visit to New Orleans, take a guided tour of the NOLA Distillery and learn about the rich history of Louisiana distilling. 

Your host will take you on a tour of the cutting-edge facilities and explain the distilling process. 

Then, as part of your experience, sample artisanal spirits, cocktails, and daiquiris. 

If you want, you can buy bottles directly from the manufacturer. In New Orleans, go to the NOLA Distillery.

A guided tour will teach you about the distilling process. 

In the end, sample spirits, cocktails, and more. For a more intimate experience, tours are limited to 25 people.

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