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Food tours in Washington DC


A food tour of Washington DC takes you on a culinary adventure with unparalleled access to the best restaurants, pubs, and street foods.

During these highly-rated tours, you will be walking through historic neighborhoods, interacting with the people of Washington DC, and learning the history as you sample fantastic foods.

Washington DC is considered as a cultural center of the US.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your food tours in Washington DC.

Georgetown Foodie Tour and Neighborhood Walk

Local delicacy of Washington DC

When you schedule a gourmet meal and walking tour around historic Georgetown, you can put down your guidebook and avoid the stress of navigating on your own. 

Your guide takes you off the main road to highly rated establishments, including a famous delicious and a 20-year-old Indian eatery. 

See hidden monuments along the journey, such as Julia Child’s former home, that visitors sometimes overlook. 

During this three-hour tour, as you explore the neighborhood’s gastronomic delights, stop by a few restaurants, delis, and bakeries. 

If you prefer something longer, check out the Gastronomic Georgetown Food Tour. If budget isn’t a concern, but you like personalized attention, we recommend the Small-Group Tastes of Georgetown tour.

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U Street: Food, History, and Street Art Tour

Food, History, and Street Art Tour in Washington DC

This guided gourmet walking tour will give you a taste of Washington, DC’s famous U Street district. 

Learn about the history and culture of these streets, historically known as “Black Broadway,” while stopping at various local restaurants to sample the dishes that make these areas unique. 

Every ticket sold contributes to the feeding of hungry district residents.

During this three-hour tour, sample a variety of cuisines at neighborhood restaurants. Learn about the history and culture of the city.

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Lonely Planet’s DC Food & History Tour on H Street

Group enjoying a food tour in Washington DC

When you schedule a culinary and walking tour of historic H Street, you’ll save the hassle of organizing and traveling on your own. 

Listen to little-known and occasionally contentious accounts concerning the development of the United States capital as you eat your way across the ethnic neighborhood. 

Your guide relieves the burden of navigating on your own, allowing you to unwind and take in the sights along the journey.

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Capitol Hill Food Tour

Capitol Hill Food Walking Tour in Washington DC

On this guided walking tour, learn about Capitol Hill’s food and culinary culture. 

Stop to sample a range of foods such as Anglo-Indian food, Salvadorian cuisine, soul food, and others while listening to a guide’s comments on one of the city’s oldest and historically varied neighborhoods. 

This small group of only 12 people offers customized attention and the opportunity to ask questions.

On a walking tour of Capitol Hill, learn about its history and culinary traditions.

During a three-and-a-half-hour tour, sample the various cuisines of the area.

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Old Town Alexandria Food & History Tour

Old Town Alexandria Food & History Tour in Washington DC

This half-day strolling city tour, ideal for first-time visitors, combines Old Town Alexandria’s food and history with a sampling of local dishes you might otherwise ignore. 

Thanks to your guide’s sometimes scandalous anecdotes, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the city’s history than you would otherwise, and you’ll pass by off-the-beaten-path sights that many tourists overlook.

A half-day gastronomy tour of Old Town Alexandria will teach you about the city. 

During this three-hour tour, try some complimentary local cuisine. A portion of each entry ticket will be donated to a local charity.

A small group of no more than eight people ensures a personal experience.

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Little Ethiopia Food Tour

Little Ethiopia Food Tour in Washington DC

A leisurely culinary tour through Little Ethiopia in the center of U Street, Washington DC, will broaden your appetite. 

By hiring a tour, you can skip the research and go straight to the top restaurants in the neighborhood, where you can enjoy a wide range of complex flavors, from deep-fried lentils to freshly baked traditional bread. 

Throughout the trip, listen to stories about the world’s largest Ethiopian community outside Ethiopia that the general public has never been told.

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Dupont Circle Food Tour

Dupont Circle Food Tour in Washington DC

On a gourmet dining and walking tour of the area’s most extraordinary eateries, immerse yourself in the multicultural Dupont Circle. 

Going with a guide takes away the stress of navigating independently, allowing you to relax and take in the area’s atmosphere.

Skip the lines and sample locally sourced foods from various international cuisines, from Moroccan to Malaysian, throughout the afternoon.

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Beer Lover’s tour with Tastings and Meal

tourists enjoy drinks on Washington DC food tour

On a guided brewery tour, learn about Washington, DC’s growing brewpub sector and sample a selection of award-winning beers. 

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how beer is manufactured and talk to brewers about their operations.

Visit four of DC’s best brewpubs for beer-centric cuisine combos that are filling enough to be a meal. 

Enjoy 15 to 20 beer samples served alongside pub mainstays like hickory-smoked ribs and buffalo wings. 

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Wine Tasting Tours from Washington DC

Wine Tasting Tours from Washington DC

We recommend one of the two wine tasting tours from Washington DC for you if you love wines.

The Virginia Winery Day Tour starts when you get picked up from your hotel. 

With a designated driver and guide to Virginia’s wines, you will enjoy wine tastings at two different wineries and have lunch while admiring the gorgeous views of the countryside. 

If budget is not a problem, you must opt for the private tour of the wine-producing region of Loudon County, Virginia.

You will travel in a comfortable SUV to three local wineries to take tours of the vineyards and cellars. Tastings are available at an additional cost. 

Since this is a private tour, you can customize it and travel at your own pace.

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Cruises with dining options

Food tours are not the only way to experience the local food in Washington DC. 

Some tourists opt for cruises on the Potomac River that include brunch, lunch, or dinner and the best part is that you also get to see the capital’s attractions. 

Opt for the Premier Dinner Cruise if you want to dance under the moonlight after your 3-course meal.

If you prefer a buffet lunch with a DJ playing the latest Top 40 hits on spacious dance floors, go for the Scenic Lunch Cruise.

The third option available only on weekends is the 2-hour brunch cruise along Washington DC’s scenic shoreline.

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